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Herpes Combat Kit herpes nos labios pode passar para vagina ou pro penis?

Camila asked:

Olá pessoal, alguem pode me ajudar???
eu tenho herpes labial, mais depois de um tempo estou com a genital, nao sei se isso tem alguma coisa haver, mais estou em duvidas???????????
alguem sabe me responder???

Herpes Combat Kit Can I get genital herpes from masturbating?

writercreativegrad asked:

I found a small bump on the shaft of my penis two years ago, but I have never been with anyone. Then a week ago, after watching a TV show, I grew paranoid that maybe I had genital herpes. I don't recall having any symptoms, like cold sores anywhere on my penis. I've had genital itching from time to time. I've masturbated, but that's about it. Am I being really paranoid? SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE.

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Herpes Combat Kit If I have HSV 2, genital herpes, can I give my partner genital herpes by performing oral sex?

my06civicsi asked:

Since the type of herpes I have is HSV 2, genital herpes, is it safe for me to give my partner oral sex, since HSV 2 is genital? I've never had any outbreaks or anything, and I didn't think it could be spread from my mouth to his penis since the type I have is genital. Please answer only if you know what your talking about. Thanks!